A product of Humboldt Park, Chicago, an area known for it’s gang violence and crime, Johan was able to move past the obstacles and traps that ensnared so many of his peers and live a life that is far from ordinary. His dreams, choices and determination transformed a ghetto kid into a national speaker who uses his life story to help people of all ages believe in the power of their dreams and the impact their life can make in the world around them.

His story has fostered interest from various media sources. He has been featured on the front cover of Chicago’s premier young adult newspaper The Red Eye. He has been a special guest on a number of TV and radio shows, including two appearances on The Tyra Banks Show, Fox News in the Morning, WLS Radio Chicago, and the critically acclaimed Today Show.

Along with being a nationally known speaker based out of L.A., each summer Johan returns to his hometown to work as one of the lead counselors and educators for the CANDO program in the inner city of Chicago. He is also an actor, a former Ford Model and a deadly shooter from three-point range.