Starting On The Ground Floor

A new year is an opportunity to build, the type of construction is up to us.

We can build new relationships, strengthen old ones, ask out the girl/guy we dig, go after our dream job, go back to school, kick the habit, quit our day job, start a support group, stick up for ourself, ask for forgiveness, donate to charity, conquer our fear, become a better friend, put a ring on it, take a vacation, learn a language, forget your past, start a business, or treat ourselves to a new outfit. The possibilities are endless. 

If the life we want to live is like a skyscraper, we've got to start by building a foundation and then the ground floor. No skyscraper was ever built starting with the 100th floor. And though at the beginning it can be difficult to see how high you'll go, with time, patience, determination, mistakes, and corrections, you'll eventually see your work make an impression on the skyline. So let’s build something we’re proud of. 

This year, I’m building deeper relationships, a new blog and kick off my new YouTube channel. They're both called Johan Speaks, but I don't just want to talk at you, I want to hear from you. I want to create a community of Crazy Ones who believe that their contributions and gifts can reshape the planet into something that is better, more fair, more kind, funnier, and more interesting than we ever imagined. 

Watch this space for updates.