When It Rains, It Pours


“When it rains, it pours.” If you have any friends in LA, I’m sure you’ve come across that cliché multiple times as you’ve scrolled through Instagram the last few days. In LA, the pouring rain means something different.

That’s why we need a different phrase here. Like, “When it rains, The Lord is paying for my car wash cuz He knows I’m a broke artist living off the fumes of my unrealized dreams.” Or, “When it rains people forget how to drive.” Or maybe, “When it rains it usually doesn’t last long.” 

People in SoCal know I ain’t lyin’! Today, it started to pour while I met a friend for coffee and everyone in the place stopped and watched in awe. That’s how rare the rain is. Sometimes it’s for a day or half a day. Sometimes it’s just  a couple of hours or maybe only a few minutes. The brief showers make us grateful for any sign of water from the heavens. We don’t dread the downpour in Tinseltown - we celebrate it. 

I know that “when it rains it pours,” isn’t about the weather. It means that difficulties and challenges can seem to come at us all at once, they can overwhelm us and they can be daunting. But why do we use rain as a metaphor? Why not some other element, like earth, wind, fire, or - wait for it - heart? (The only reason I wrote that was to summon Captain Planet. I miss him.) 

Um, anyways, back to rain. 

Why, rain? Is rain difficult? Does rain make our life harder? If we take note from farmers, rain is essential to a bountiful harvest. If you read Hebrew Scriptures, rain is a sign of new life and God’s Spirit. If you love hip-hop, Make It Rain is the first single off Fat Joe's seventh album. (I miss him, too.)

Why don’t we have a phrase like this for the good things in life? Why don’t we say “when it rains, it pours” for the blessings that come our way or when friends come through when we need them?

What if we flipped it? My 2018 is dedicated to writing and creating more. I’ve started a new blog, a YouTube channel, and I’ve committed to directing more of the film projects I produce. It’s started to rain in my life, and you know what, the downpour has followed. I’ve received encouraging DMs from people wishing me well and looking forward to my new YouTube channel. I’ve humbly accepted the help of friends who are helping me build and share. Editors, photographers, and fellow creatives all asking me how they can help as I chip away at making a difference in the world.

Like Fat Joe, I made it rain on these, um, new ventures. (What if that was the hook to his song? I make it rain, I make it rain on these new ventures! Can you picture Fat Joe singing that as he starts the pastry shop of his dreams? Donuts and croissants pouring from the sky!) While I may have brought the rain, the people in my life ushered in the flood. Without them, I can say in full confidence, I would not be able to do this. 

And in the most beautiful of ways I can honestly say, when it rains, it pours.