The Power of Now


All we have is right now.
Pause for a second. Think about that.

What you’re doing right now is the only real thing happening to you. The friend that lied to you isn’t lying to you right now. The ex that cheated on you isn’t cheating on you anymore. The guy driving the red Jeep Cherokee who cut you off isn’t cutting you off any more - but if you ever get your hands on that dude he’s gonna wish he didn’t cut you off because that cat needs to pay for being such a jerk! Who does that? Am I right? And what kind of a person drives a gas guzzling Jeep Cherokee in a city filled with smog?! This fool doesn't care about the environment if he did he'd rock a Prius like me. He’s so selfish! - - - Dang. I did it, didn’t I? I allowed that past to take away the now.

Back to what I was saying. All we have is right now.

You’re scrolling through the Internet, you’ve stopped on this picture of me in a fedora rocking a cheesy smile, and for some reason that was enough to get you to stop and read the caption. My goal is to remind you to live this moment. Don't live in the past, don't live in the future, live in the now. Right now you’re on your phone, maybe you’re distracting yourself at work. Or perhaps you’re surrounded by friends. Maybe you’re in traffic breaking the law by reading this. In that case, put your phone down! Be present to the road!

The past isn’t present, 
learn from it and leave it behind. 
The future isn’t here yet, 
don’t let it distract you from the beauty of today. 
All we have is now. Celebrate that.