Will Finds a Way

Photography by  Joey Espina.

Photography by Joey Espina.

Under Armour asked me to collaborate with them on and share my story of how I came to be a leader of the #crazyonesmovement for their new campaign. None of us are strangers to challenges, but when we know what we stand for #WillFindsAWay and those challenges don’t stand a chance against us. 

I was twenty years old the first time I spoke to a crowd of students. It was daunting and calling them a crowd is misleading. There were fifteen 8th graders in the room but they felt like 1500. I was the picture of uncertainty but this was what I'd signed up for. I wanted to make a difference and had a will to help people find their story through my own. Nerves and fears were hurdles to be jumped over as I ran towards that goal. After my first talk, I felt an overwhelming sense of fulfillment, almost as if this were exactly where I was supposed to be and precisely what I was supposed to be doing. 

That small session speaking to fifteen students, led to my career as a youth motivational speaker. Years later, standing in front of a packed gymnasium in one of the “worst” areas of Las Cruces, New Mexico, what hit me was how it all started: that tiny class years earlier where I was talking to 15 young faces - #WillFindsAWay, then the nerves and fears and hurdles fell away and didn’t matter any more. I had found my calling