I Want to be an Integer

What if I told you I want to be an integer? 

“But Johan, you hate math!”

True, math is the worst! But hear me out. 

An integer is a thing that’s complete in itself. 

1 is an integer. 

-1 is an integer. 

They are complete, they’re whole unlike Fractions. 1/2, 3/4, 5/8 aren’t integers. They aren’t complete. They’re missing something. They’re not whole. 


How many of us live that way? We’re just fractions. A Half walking around at all times, waiting to be completed, only allowing a portion of us to be seen. We display the good things. We hide what’s “bad.” We keep secrets. We tell half truths. We aren’t fully present. We don’t follow through with our commitments. 


Integer is a latin word. It’s the root word for what we call Integrity. For me, integrity is my internal reality in alignment with my external proclamation. Most people say one thing and do another. They display a certain type of person to others. They are not that person when left to themselves. They aren’t integers, they’re fractions. And as we’ve learned - fractions have no integrity. People who are complete have integrity. Integrity isn’t about having it all together. It’s about being open and honest with the ways you don’t have it together. It’s about your external proclamation matching your internal reality. It’s about being the person you say you are. Not a fraction of who you say you are. 


Stop living like fractions.

Be an integer.

Be a person of integrity. 

Be fully complete in yourself.

Be whole.

Be free.

Be you.