A World Without Mirrors

Imagine a world without mirrors. 

Can you see it? Close your eyes.

Picture it. C’mon, close ‘em. 

In this world, mirrors are banned.

We can’t stare and say, “I’m ugly. Look at how fat I am. I hate my nose.”

We can’t take selfies or capture memories of our friends and family. 

We can’t look into a telescope and marvel at the wonder of the cosmos.

We can’t pull out that little compact thingy that helps us put on our makeup in a hurry.

We can’t look behind us while we drive. 

And our bedrooms, 


living rooms, 




would all be mirrorless. 

How would you put your make up on? 

How would you style your hair? 

How would you brush your teeth? 

How would you decide on an outfit? 

How would you drive your car?

Most importantly, how would you see yourself?


A mirror reflects your appearance. That’s all.


We look in the mirror and what do we say?

“I’m ugly.”

“I’m gorgeous.”

“I’m average.”

“I’m fat.”

“I’m skinny.”

“I’m fit.”

Does that come from the mirror or within?

A mirror doesn’t tell you you’re any of those things.


Can you see yourself without mirrors?